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IndiaMART TrustSealMr. Vallabhbhai S. Thumar is one of the founder of the renowned ALIDHRA GROUP OF COMPANIES, which came into existence in 1982 with an objective to manufacture, supplier and exporter all kinds of textile machinery.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH PRIVATE LIMITED, was promoted in the year 2000 as an offshoot, by MR. V.S. Thumar, a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a successful entrepreneur with innovative visions. Since the beginning the group has seen remarkable growth not only financially, but also technically and socially. The group is a well known & well respected in its markets.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH GROUP has its core competencies in designing and building complete range of 'Weaving Preparatory' & 'Weaving' machines for the Synthetic Fibers Industry. It enjoys a position of respect & admiration in its markets for providing the latest world-class technologies disigned specifically for the Indian-Subcontinent markets.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH GROUP is proud to be the only large Textile Machinery Manufacturer who has all their products developed indegenously without any technology transfer or collobration. The group has been able to achieve this because of its techocrat & entrepreneurial Chairman, Mr. V.S. Thumar, supported by his great team of managers & engineers most of whom are from respected institutions in India, viz. IITs & NITs. It is such a great team of engineers that has given the group strength to enter a market which had predominant players with all foreign collaboration.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH GROUP has diversified its activities covering the complete value chain of textile weaving industry - Fiber to Fashion; with core interests in yarns, fabrics & mainly machineries.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH GROUP has also invested in agriculture as one of its diversified businesses supporting techno-commercial agricultural research & development activities.

ALIDHRA WEAVETECH GROUP OF COMPANIES has a present annual turnover in excess of Rs.80 Crores (18 million US Dollars).

Mission Statement

To serve the textile industry and assist our esteemed clients in reaching their maximum potential profitability and efficiency
To provide our valued clients with latest technologies designed especially for Indian Sub-Continent markets at lowest possible costs and at-par global quality standards.

Visionary Goals

To become a leading global weaving & spinning machinery manufacturer incorporating pioneering & efficient technologies.

Core Values

At Alidhra Weavetech Core Values are the enduring beliefs that our institution - and the employees who inhibit it - hold in common and endeavor to put into action. These Core values guide us to choose the right path to our customers door.

Our Core Values:
• Excellent Customer Service
• Pioneering Technology & Efficient Solutions
• Creativity
• Integrity
• Social Responsibility

Our employee's constant struggle to uphold these values forms the foundation block in our endeavor to achieve our visionary goals.

Core Purpose

• To constantly monitor and address the transformations that the textile industry goes through.
• To become a partner for our clients and help them achieve their enduring entrepreneurial vision.
• To strive to provide the latest pioneering technologies at the lowest costs and in the most efficient ways.
• To listen and react instantly to the creative needs of our customers and provide them with most suitable solutions.

MD's Message

"We Grow When You Grow"

Dear Customers,
25 years of experience that i've had in the textile industry has made me believe that perfection is somethings that's defined by the customer and not by formula or certification. As the founder of Alidhra Weavetech, it has been my immense pleasure to be able to serve and assist the indian textile industry as efficiently and innovatively as possible.

Even after 25 yrs, Alidhra still holds the same hunger for perfection. Guided by our core values, today we stand firm in the Indian market as a well recognized name for a quality textile machinery provider. Servicing the industry with our latest and highly efficient twisting machineries, Alidhra Weavetech has recently initiated its entry into the highly competitive and complex sector of Shuttleless Weaving Machineries. Our new products have been well accepted by the industry winning us a few acclaimed awards & recognition in the Indian Textile Industry.

Alidhra Weavetech has always stressed on the need for R&D to bring the latest technologies in the textile sector at the most efficient prices. Keeping to our belief we've devoted most of our resources towards developing economically viable technologies which can help our customers be more productive & competitive.

Our employees are the heart & soul of our company. Defined by our core vallues, it's their dedication towards providing best customer service that makes them strive to satisfy each and every customer need.

Finally, I would like to thank all our customers for all their encouragement and contribution that has helped Alidhra Weavetech serve them better. And I would request you to keep on giving us your views and creative suggestions to help us provide and serve you with superior products and services.

Mr.Vallabhbhai S. Thumar
Managing Director

Company Growth

The best growth strategies take companies to places where few can follow. The philisophy of Alidhra Weavetech's growth is based on our four-initiative strategy to create, above all, customer value:
Culture of Innovation
Innovation is at the heart of Alidhra Weavetech's growth strategy. Since its inception the company has strived to supply constant innovation as a value to its customer. The innovation based approach to all new product developments has enabled the company to customize the products and offer the best possible solution not only suitable but also satisfying the customers needs.

“One has to realize, the only way to beat the competition is to stay one step ahead of it”

It is such hunger for constant innovation that has propelled the company to be a first in the domestic market for constantly introducing new products and technologies creating milestones.

Growth Platforms
With a vision of being a one-stop-shop for offering complete solutions to the entire weaving industry, Alidhra Weavetech has taken bold and focused steps by concentrating and staying tuned to the textile industry.

“A solution should be the one that offers a 360º cover to its customer”

Alidhra Weavetech, working on the philosophy of offering weavers a one stop solution, has moved by leaps and bounds to offer a wide range of products. The company has constantly developed newer and newer products in the complete value chain engulfing almost all kinds of requirements of weavers.

Today, Alidhra Weavetech has become a one-stop-shop for a weaver's twisting needs covering all kinds of yarns from Spun to Silk, Industrial to Elastic, Filament to Viscose. Also, moving ahead, the company has also entered into offering machineries for manufacturing high-value added yarns like doubling, crepe texturising, emberoidery thread and Industrial yarns etc.

It is this strategy integrated into our daily working that helps us decide the future paths of development of newer and better products.

Technical Leadership
Having the 'Culture Of Innovation', Alidhra Weavetech has ensured its Technical Leadership position in the Indian Textile Industry through its constant new developments a lot of firsts' for the industry. The large satisfied customer base of the company strengthens our leadership over the markets.

“Don't get compared to others, Let others get compared to you”

Alidhra Weavetech has always created and raised the bench marks in the industry through its technically superior products. Even today Alidhra Weavetech's old machines command one of the highest premiums in the market. This just goes on to show the reliability that our customers enjoy through our products.

Since its inception, Alidhra Weavetech has been enjoying a position of high respect for achieving few of the most recognized technical benchmarks in the Indian industy:
• Fastest Indian Rapier(Crank-Type) Machine
• First & Fastest Indian Rapier(Cam-Type) Machine
• First & Fastest Indian Water-Jet Machine
• Lowest power consuming TFOs

A derivative of our 'Growth Platform' strategy, Alidhra Weavetech has realised that the customers engagement is not limited to the buying-selling of the product, but it goes for the entire life-time of the product solution offered by us.

“Service your customer the way you would like to be serviced”

Alidhra Weavetech has been constantly attracted to be close to its customers through any and every media possible. We believe that the real USP of our product solutions is our service.

We are proud to walk hand-in-hand with our customers through the whole experience of owning a Weavetech Product.

We are proud to walk hand-in-hand with our customers through the whole experience of owning a Weavetech Product.

Company Structure

Company Structure
Company Structure


The achievements speak manifold of the position of a company in the real scenario. We highlight few of our achievements.

• The largest Indian Manufacturer of Crepe-Texturing Machines
• The largest installation of Crepe-Texturing machines in India.
• The largest Indian manufacturer of Embroidery Thread machines in India.
• The largest customer base of Embroidery Thread machines in India.
• One of the most technically advanced Spindle Manufacturing Facilities in India.
• One of the largest manufacturers of TFOs for the Synthetic Yarn industry in India.
• Most Innovative Product' award winner at 'Udyog 2004 & Udyog 2006 '.
• The fastest running machines in India (18000 RPM at several customer installations since last 5yrs).


Alidhra Texpro Engineers was born.
First product launch of Hi-Speed OFO Twisting machines specifically for filament yarn industry

Becomes HIGHEST selling OFO Twisters in filament industry in INDIA from '84 to '92

Launch of Hi-Speed Winders

HIGHEST selling Winders in filament industry in INDIA

LARGEST range of OFO twisters provided by any manufacturer in India

Launch of indegenously developed TFO machines in India.

Commisioning of new manufacturing locations in Dadra under 'Alidhra Technotex Industies'.

LARGEST selling TFOs in filament industry in India. Also, proven to be the lowest power consumption.

FIRST indian TFO manufacturer to have his own State-of-the-art Spindle Manufacturing Unit in Rajkot.

>2,000,000 spindles for OFO sold till date. Highest selling twisters in INDIA in filament industry.

LARGEST line-up of TFO twisters provided by any manufacturer in India.

Launch of India's first 'Crepe Texturising TFO' in India, developed Indegenously.

Launch of India's first Indegenously developed 'Servo Winder'.

• LARGEST selling Crepe Texturising Machines in India.
• Alidhra Weavetech's entry into Shuttless Weaving Markets.
• Launch of Alidhra Weavetech's AWT-250 Rapier (Crank Type) machine. - Goes on to becomes the LARGEST selling Indian Rapier (Crank Type) in India.

• SPLIT of Alidhra Group into two separate entities: 'Alidhra Weavetech' & 'AAlidhra'
• Alidhra Weavetech becomes FIRST Indian company to launch Thread Manufacturing Machineries.
• Launch of Speciality TFO for delicate yarns like Viscose & Bumberg

WINNER for 'Best Technological Innovation in Textile Machineries' at UDYOG 2004 - an exhibition for latest machineries.

• LARGEST selling Indian Rapier machine in Local surat market - the filament capital of India.
• Alidhra Weavetech becomes LARGEST selling Crepe Texturising brand in India.
• Alidhra Weavetech enjoys LARGEST installation of Thread Manufacturing Machineries in India.
• Launch of India's first Servo Driven TFO with speeds of upto 200 m/min for special utilit
• Alidhra Weavetech will be making its entry into Spun TFO industry
• LARGEST selling Crepe Texturising Machines in India. - >120,000 Spindle for Crepe Texturising running in India.
• Launch of 'INDUS', India's first indegenously developed water-jet loom. - WINNER for 'Best Technological Innovation in Textile Machineries' at UDYOG
• An exhibition for latest machineries.


Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part in the vision and philosophy of Alidhra Weavetech. The company believes that one can grow only if the social environment one lives in grows. Marching ahead to offer back what the society has given it through years, Alidhra Weavetech has taken active part in helping setup the following around the state:

• Blood Banks
• Hospitals
• Schools & Colleges
• MOU with local Engineering colleges for R&D and internships.
• Educational scholarships and funds
• Rural infrastructure development.

Alidhra Weavetech believes that the best way for a society to grow is through education. Hence, Alidhra Weavetech has offered and signed vaious MOUs with local reputed technical colleges for R&D as well as internships to offer the future leaders of the state a better industrial-institute colloborative platform for easier access and understanding of the real world challenges. Through such programs Alidhra Weavetech is proud to prepare young students for a better future.


Alidhra Weavetech has adopted 'Cell Structure' approach for establishing its manufacturing units. Under this structure the company has 5 separate locations:

Corporate Head Quarters & R&D Unit
Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 195, Rd 6-F New Estate, Udyognagar Udhna SURAT, GJ - 394210.


Syntetic fibers are the most widely used form of fibers in the world with its application ranging from garmenting to furnishing to aerospace utilities. We are proud to say our customers cover a wide range of industry from as far as agro-industries to automotive industries. Below are a industry for which we have solutions already put into practive by our customers.

The largest base of our customers is targeting the fast changing clothing industry. With a wide range of machineries available, its just the matter of proper configuration and right solution to produce any kind of yarn used today in the entire garment industry including cotton, silk, viscose, nylon & polyester.

Home Furnishing
A very premium segment of customers mainly targeting exports have benefitted immensly from the versatile solutions that our products like Rapier & Water-Jet Looms have given them. Our Rapier & water-jet machines incorporating the latest technologies at par with global standards at extremely economical prices enable our customers to get an edge in the global markets by enabling to experience higher profits through higher efficiencies and lower cost of production.

Embroidery Threads & Yarns
Currently the star in our product portfolio, the Thread-Manufacturing machines have given the indian manufacturers an edge over its global competitors by enabling them to achieve high value addition through 'doubling' & 'trippling' of fancy-embroidery yarns. The high level of accuracies and reliabilities required by the machines in targeting this market has realised the true international quality of Alidhra Weavetech machines.

One of the most expensive yarns in the world, Alidhra Weavetech realises the importance of efficiency, accuracies and most importantly quality requirements of this industry. Through dedicated R&D efforts Alidhra Weavetech has been able to design special solutions to maintain and control the quality of Silk yarn to global standards. With specially designed twisting and weaving solutions for Silk industry, Alidhra Weavetech is proud of have very satisfied customers in this expensive silk industry.

Industrial, Technical & Geo Textiles
From fabrics used in packaging of agro-products to the fabrics used in industrial bolting cloth to the tire cord industry - Alidhra Weavetech has twisting & weaving solutions for all. With a state-of-the-art R&D lab and highly experienced Solutions-Engineer team, Alidhra Weavetech is able to provide the perfect and most feasible solutions for twisting and weaving any kind of fabrics. Currently, our customers are benefiting from highly customized solutions for manufacturing automotive, industrial fabrics with our rapier machines.

Customized Solutions

Weavetech's Solutions Engineers have years of combined field experience in offering specific support relating to twisted yarns, woven fabrics and associated technologies. Constantly changing needs of the markets gives us the responsibility to help our customers adapt quickly to constant change. We encourage free flow of knowledge and exchange of ideas to ensure that all the inquiries and doubts related to twisting & weaving will be successfully met by our engineers.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with out customers to satisfy their requirements.

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