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A rapier loom is a shuttleless weaving loom in which the filling yarn is carried through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called rapiers. One type has a single long rapier that reaches across the loom’s width to carry the filling to the other side. Another type has two small rapiers, one on each side. One rapier carries the filling yarn halfway through the shed, where it is met by the other rapier, which carries the filling the rest of the way across the loom.

Our company is involved in providing state-of-art machines that are extensively used in textile industries. Our range of Rapier Loom Weaving is acknowledged for its high precision, efficiency, technical superiority and ease of handling. These Rapier Loom Weaving machines can weave all types of yarns like all Cotton, Polyester, Silk, Span, Nylon and Jute, they are flexible & produce less noise. They also consume less power and provide extra durability and consistent performance for a long period of time.

Rapier Looms
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Technical Specifications

Fabric Width 60" , 68", 72", 76", 84", 92", 102", 110", 120"
Width Reduction Min 4" & Max. 20" Standard
Performance Upto 230 RPM or 380 m/min weft Insertion rate
Yarns Filament, Spun, Mono, Silk, Flat, Jari, Viscose, Bemberg, Slub, Catonic, Roto, PP, Nylon, Acrylic, Glass Fiber, Industrial Yarns
Weft Selector upto 8 colours (Electronic or Mechanical)
Weft Yarns Spun: Ne 8 to Ne80, Filament: 20 dtex to 900 dtex
Weft Density 450
Weft Insertion Flexible Rapier Tape with Velvet Sliding Rapier Heads
Weft Feeders Electronically Controlled
Weft Cutter Mechanical CAM Drive
Weft Stop Mot ion Piezo-Electric with Instant Stop
Shedding Electronic Jacquard
Warp Beam Single Warp Beam with 600mm diameter
Warp Let -Off Mechanically Synchronised with Takeup with Overtension Switch (Optical)
Cloth Take-Up 7-Wheel & 5-Roll with 3-Emery Rolls Mechanical Takeup with easy doffing arrangement. (400mm diameter)
Main Drive High-Torque Break Motor, With Single Pick Forward & Reverse
Sley Drive Positive Crank Drive (Korean Type)
Selvedge Cutt er Mechanically Driven
Lubrication Forced Centralised Lubrication
Control System Forward, Reverse Pick, Start & Stop Button, LED Lamp Signal, Production Meter, USB Port (optional)
Bearing (all High-load) More Bearings=Less Power Consumption. Hi-Load Bearings help absorb Heavy Loads at higher speeds, for maintenance free working.
USB Port for Design Transfer Error-free loading of Weft design on all looms without possibility of mistake or changes by operator. Ensures correct design on all looms
Catch Cord System Enables Weaving of High-Twist Weft Yarns & avoids snapping on selvedges.
Blower Electrical Highly recommended for Spun Yarn users to avoid accumulation of fluff on Grippers & get higher efficiency in weaving Spun Yarns.

Layout / Dimensions

Rapier Looms Rapier Looms
Reed Width Total Length Fabric
Plain Jacq. Dobby Min. Max.
60" 120" 120" 130" 36" 56"
64" 124" 124" 134" 40" 60"
68" 128" 128" 138" 44" 64"
76" 136" 136" 146" 52" 72"
84" 144" 144" 154" 60" 80"

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Special Features

Sliding Head Gripper

Sliding Head GripperSpecial Velvet strip and Flexible Rapier Loom provides smooth but firm movement of Rapier Gripper with continuous support throughout the length. This support system allows delicate yarn handling while eliminating wear-n-tear.

SOLID Crankshaft

SOLID CrankshaftSturdy, stable & balanced beatup system designed to provide enough torque for even high density fabrics with most delicate yarns. The solid single-piece crankshaft eliminates any effect of twisting/damage over longer period of time.

Clutchless Motor with EBS (Electronic Break System)

Clutchless Motor with EBS (Electronic Break System) Avoid power wastage during stoppages of looms with a direct mounted Electronic Break System on the motor. This eliminates the need of clutch and all related maintenance & saves a lot of power.

Weft Cutter CAM Drive

Weft Cutter CAM DriveSpecial CAM drive for cutter allows jerk-free & smooth cutting for perfect borders. Smooth movements prevents damages to settings & hence offers longer life along with less maintenance & zero breakages.

7-Wheel Take-up System

7-Wheel Take-up SystemMost reliable 7-wheel system with all metal gears offer long life with zero maintenance. No worm-gears which require constant oiling & are prone to high wear-n-tear, thus eliminating maintenance costs.

3-Emery Cloth Roll System

3-Emery Cloth Roll SystemStandard 3-Emery Cloth Roll System provides user with No compromise on quality of fabric. The system offers slippage-free handling of wide variety of fabrics including very light & delicate fabrics like silk & mono filament.

Individual Leno Bobbin System

Individual Leno Bobbin SystemAvoid Wastage of yarn during leno breakage. Individual bobbins provide operator freedom to set & pull single thread without disturbing others. Also this system allows user to save on costly winding process on roll-type leno.

Pre-Assembled Delivery

Pre-Assembled DeliveryAll Weavetech ACE Rapier Looms and Flexible Rapier Loom are pre-assembled by trained engineers before dispatch. Factory assembly ensures that the most experienced hands have assembled & tested the machines to WEAVETECH standards so that the customers get consistent performance & quality.

Comparative Study

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Textile Weaving Machines

Being a famous association in the business, we are engaged with giving a superior quality scope of Textile Weaving Machines.

Product Details :
Power SourceElectricity
Machine TypeAutomatic
Usage/ApplicationTextile Industries

Textile Weaving Machines
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Product Details :

Power SourceElectricity
Machine TypeAutomatic
Usage/ApplicationTextile Industries

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